Trust Advice and Administration

Trusts may be established for a variety of reasons. Often, they will be established for tax and estate planning purposes but the flexibility they offer allows them to be used for providing solutions to other issues such as asset protection.

Meridian provides legal and tax advice in relation to all forms of family trusts and can prepare trust deeds, letters of wishes and other ancillary documents as required during the life of a trust.

The trustees have significant duties and responsibilities. We can assist family members to ensure that they discharge their duties and responsibilities properly. Sometimes there are advantages in appointing professional trustees and we are happy to act as trustees where appropriate and where requested to do so.

The management of trusts is also an important factor in ensuring that they are robust and achieve the objectives for which they were created. Our role in relation to the management of a trust can vary dependent upon the circumstances and client wishes. In some cases we prepare trust accounts and deal with the trustees’ annual tax compliance, in others we deal with all day to day trust management.

We also provide advice in relation to offshore trusts, which is dealt with under International tax planning.

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