Estate Planning

Estate planning is often at the heart of the work we do for our clients. At Meridian, we define estate planning as arranging our clients’ long-term financial affairs so as to meet their wishes, in a tax-efficient manner and, where possible, to provide asset protection for them and future generations.

Many of our clients have interests in businesses. This involves special considerations and our team has a deep knowledge of the needs of entrepreneurs. Typically, various factors will need to be taken into account such as exit and succession planning, and ensuring that all relevant taxes are considered.

Lifetime estate planning strategies can involve gifts, establishing family trusts and ensuring that life policies and pension benefits are dealt with appropriately. We also advise upon sophisticated structures such as family investment and personal finance companies.

Once all planning options have been considered, we can ensure that wills are up to date, reflect the wishes of the individual, take into account any lifetime planning undertaken and are tax efficient generally.

Further details can be found under wills, powers of attorney and probate.

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